What’s DevOps and how it can help you scale your business.

Whether you are a big company or a small startup, there is something any company needs: centralization and automation.

90% of startups fail in their first years, big companies can loose millions of bucks in processes that can be better focused, here enters DevOps.

DevOps (Development Operations) is the process of managing the lifecycle of your development in a more efficient way, from project management tools to continuous automated delivery of your apps this process can save tons of hours and money in any project.

But let’s explain a bit more how DevOps work, as a company starts introducing new technologies there will be times where they will have to have their own ad-hoc software to meet their needs, starting that path your team will start looking for solutions to have your code safe, manage your development tasks, test and deploy your solutions, scary?, Well there is no need to!, Nowadays we have tons of solutions to achieve this task but a lot of people just know a few of them.

Imagine a system where you can have all your code in one place, accessible from everywhere, being able to assign development tasks with the most recent software development process, integrate, test and deploy your software with just a few clicks. This is all what DevOps is about.

Day by day we encourage companies to seek this path, with the great use of Git to manage their code, it is completely easy to share this with anyone around the world and ensure its quality, doesn’t matter if you are using Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab. Once you are using those platforms you can easily centralize the other processes, have a cool kanban to manage your project tasks using agile methodologies and after all that is done being able to integrate all the code and deploy it to the service of your convenience, Azure, Amazon, you name it!.

According to a SANS study, with DevOps you can:

  • Deploy 200x more often
  • Spend 22% less time on unplanned work
  • Recover from deployment failures 24x faster
  • Spend 29% more time on new work
  • Fail one-third as often

Just convert those numbers to money, this new methodologies can save you thousands!


I hope this article helps you know and decide to use this new methodology, this will help you provide more and better solutions to your customers or even your internal areas.



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